In Baptism, the Holy Spirit moves us to answer Christ's call to holiness. We are asked to walk by the light of Christ, to trust in his wisdom, and to submit our hearts to Christ with ever-deeper love.

Baptism of Infants

Infant baptisms (up to 6 years of age) are scheduled at or after regularly scheduled Masses. Please contact the parish office to schedule a Baptism.


The role of a godparent is to help you in raising your child in the Catholic faith as a representative of the faith community. We encourage you to choose godparents who will take their role seriously. Your child may have no more than two godparents. One must be male and the other female. Godparents must be at least 16 years of age and at least one of the godparents must be a confirmed Catholic.

Baptism Preparation Class

One parent, although it is highly recommended that both parents, must attend a Baptism Preparation Class prior to a child’s baptism. If the baptism is occurring at our parish, parents are required to attend the class even if they have attended in the past for another child. Please contact the parish office to register for the next Baptism Class.

Holy Communion

First Holy Communion is the second of the three Sacraments of Initiation. First Holy Communion is commonly called the Eucharist and celebrates the real presence of Christ in the bread, wine, and gathered community.

Holy Communion Preparation Classes 

The sacrament of First Holy Communion is celebrated during the 2nd grade. Classes generally meet monthly beginning in January and concluding in late spring with First Communion. To learn more contact the parish office.


In the Sacrament of Confirmation, the baptized person is "sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit" and is strengthened for service to the Body of Christ. Confirmation deepens our baptismal life and calls us to be missionary witnesses of Jesus Christ in our families, neighborhoods, society, and the world.

Confirmation Preparation Classes

The sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated during the Freshman Year of High School. Classes generally meet monthly beginning in August and concluding in late spring with Confirmation. To learn more about receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, contact the parish office.


Jesus entrusted the ministry of Reconciliation to the Church. The Sacrament of Penance is God's gift to us so that any sin committed after Baptism can be forgiven.  In confession, we have the opportunity to repent and recover the grace of friendship with God. It is a holy moment in which we place ourselves in his presence and honestly acknowledge our sins, especially mortal sins. With absolution, we are reconciled to God and the Church. The Sacrament helps us stay close to the truth that we cannot live without God.

Click below for a quick reference guide to help prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation:

A Guide to Reconciliation and Examination of Conscience

Hours of Reconciliation:

  • Thursday (Works of Mercy Chapel) 5:30 - 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday (Church) 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.
  • Or by appointment, contact the parish office.

Communal Penance Services are held two times per year during Lent and Advent.

Anointing of the Sick 

When the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is given, the hoped-for effect is that, if it is God's will, the person be physically healed of illness. But even if there is no physical healing, the primary effect of the Sacrament is a spiritual healing by which the sick person receives the Holy Spirit's gift of peace and courage to deal with the difficulties that accompany serious illness or the frailty of old age.

Celebrated 1st Monday of each month during 6:00 p.m. Mass.

Also performed communally two times per year.

Contact the parish office if you know someone who needs to receive Anointing of the Sick.


The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant, which is more than a contract. A covenant always expresses a relationship between persons. The marriage covenant refers to the relationship between the husband and wife, a permanent union of persons capable of knowing and loving each other and God. The celebration of marriage is also a liturgical act, appropriately held in a public liturgy at church. Catholics are urged to celebrate their marriage within the Eucharistic Liturgy.

Sacramental Preparation - At the time of your formal engagement, please contact the parish office to make an appointment with the pastor to begin the preliminary arrangements. This needs to be done no later than six (6) months prior to your intended wedding day.  More information is available by clicking here or by contacting the parish office at 270-534-9000.

Not a member of Saint Thomas More Parish? More information on becoming a member is available by clicking here.

Non-members are welcome to rent the church facilities as long as no scheduling conflicts exist. Please contact the parish office for more information.

Holy Orders

In Holy Orders, a man is ordained a priest and offers his life in the service of the church. If you are interested in becoming a priest, nun, or deacon, please contact the parish office for more information.