Our History

St. Thomas More Parish was established in 1943 after the mother church, St. Francis de Sales, became overcrowded. Shortage of building materials during World War II delayed completion of construction until 1948. At that time, the Most Reverend Francis R. Cotton, the first Bishop of Owensboro, blessed the temporary church structure which was intended to be an auditorium/gymnasium for the school when the actual church was built. This "temporary" building served St. Thomas More parish for 53 years.

A Brief Timeline

1943 - The first bishop of the diocese of Owensboro, Most Reverend Francis R. Cotton, approved a second parish to serve the growing Catholic population. Rev. Charles Rudy Carrico was named pastor of St. Thomas More and planning was begun for a school, convent, and temporary church.

1948 - The buildings on Buckner Lane were completed. The "temporary" structure, intended to be an auditorium/gymnasium after the church was built, was used for the next 48 years as the worship space. The grade school, staffed by the Ursuline Sisters, later became part of St. Mary Elementary School.

1990 – The Rev. Jerry Riney led the Parish Vision campaign for a new church. With the approval of Bishop John J. McRaith, liturgical design consultant Rev. Richard Vosko, and architect Jim Williamson, were hired to design the church building, sacristy, music corridor, and child care wing.

1996 - The newly placed 100 year old St. Thomas More bell from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, began the dedication presided by Bishop McRaith.

2000 - The ReVision phase of the building program was completed with the dedication of the Parish Hall, office area, meeting rooms, and statue of St. Thomas More, crafted by the late artist Steve Shields.

2007 – The Parish Survey revealed the need for continued campus development due to steady growth and church activity.

2009 - The Feasibility Study revealed support for additional growth with the Eucharistic Chapel established as the priority.

2010 – The Rev. J. Patrick Reynolds, JCL led the EnVision the Future Campaign to build a Eucharistic Chapel, add to the Endowment Fund, renovate meeting rooms, and provide our "Fair Share Goal" for the diocesan capital campaign.

2011 – The Rev. J. Patrick Reynolds, JCL took the oath of fidelity as Vicar General of the Diocese of Owensboro. The Eucharistic/Daily chapel construction began allowing the Tabernacle to be visible from the sanctuary.

2012 – Bishop William Medley, concelebrated the Blessing of the Works of Mercy Chapel with Fr. J. Patrick Reynolds and Fr. Ryan Harpole on June 23, 2012. Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration begins in the chapel and continues today.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church Diocese of Owensboro: 1948 to Present

The Pastors of St. Thomas More Church:

Rev. Charles Rudy Carrico – 1948 to 1950

Rev. John J. Glenn - 1950 to 1960

Rev. Benedict Huff – 1960 to 1961

Rev. Martin Nahstoll - 1961 to 1962

Rev. Joseph Saffer - 1962 to 1965

Rev. E. E. Willett - 1965 to 1969

Rev. Richard Danhauer - 1969 to 1976

Rev. Aloysius Powers - 1976 to 1982

Rev. Lucian Hayden - 1982 to 1989

Rev. William Jerry Riney - 1989 to 1997 

Rev. Henry Wieder – 1997 to 2003 

Rev. J. Pat Reynolds - 2003 to 2015

Rev. Brad Whistle - 2015 to Present

The Bishops of the Diocese of Owensboro:

The Most Rev. Francis R. Cotton - 1937 to 1960 

The Most Rev. Henry Sonneker - 1960 to 1982

The Most Rev. John J. McRaith - 1982 to 2010

The Most Rev. William F. Medley - 2010 to Present