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New Pastoral Council Members

For the past couple of months, Pastoral Council has obtained nominations for new members, and on May 15, through the discernment process, four new members and two alternates were chosen. Pictured in the photo, left to right, are: James Medley, Alternate 2, who will serve in the event that a current member cannot complete his or her term; Arthur Azar, Alternate 1, who will immediately fill a vacancy on Council for a one-year term; and four members who will each serve a three-year term, beginning in July: Jennifer Todd, Keith Cash, Kathy Willett, and Frank Bosh. Congratulations to all of our new representatives on Pastoral Council! 

Leaving the Council after serving a three year term are Lori Hatton, Lisa Logsdon-Seay, Amy Sullivan and Miguelina Sunderland. Bill Murphy has been selected as the new Pastoral Council Chairman and Stacy Jones as Secretary.

Please thank those who have faithfully served and welcome those who will be working in an advisory role for our Parish over the next three years.  A special thank you goes to all nominees who completed the Discernment process.  Our Parish is very blessed with faithful, committed parishioners.