Prayers to Reflect

Each year, during Advent, we ask parishioners of Saint Thomas More to take a few moments and consider the role prayer plays in your lives. Only when we spend time with God in prayer are we spiritually prepared to offer ourselves in service to others. As it says in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Prayer and Christian life are inseparable.” For Catholics, Stewardship of time should include setting aside periods for personal and family prayer, for the reading of scripture, for visits to the Blessed Sacrament and for participation at daily Mass whenever possible. Prayer can be a formal devotional type or one of a simple conversation with God.

By making prayer the center of all we do, we are truly working to have our lives mirror the life of Christ.

The prayer booklet for the year can be downloaded below and contains prayers for the entire year. It is my hope we all keep this booklet close at hand for the entire year. Perhaps it finds a place in your car’s glove box and you reach for it while waiting to pick up your children from school. Or, maybe you have it on your bedside table and it becomes part of your nightly routine.

Download this year's Prayers to Reflect here.